Hello, my name is Melissa Palomino, I'm the wife of Tattoo Artist Husky and CEO/Co-Owner of Sick Made Tattoo Parlor.

Our journey started about nine years ago when my husband Sergio Palomino aka (Husky) decided to become a talented artist, a tattoo artist mind you, so I decided to support his journey and long life dream of becoming a successful artist! Well, it happened, in the year of 2010 we opened Husky's Tats in the city of Stanton and we became official business owners. In 2013 we opened Sick Made Tattoo Parlor in the city of Garden Grove , this was my opportunity to help run the tattoo shop, not just as his wife but as his business partner, CEO, executive administrator, financial Manager etc...along with being a wife, mother of 3, with a full time job, managing the new tattoo shop was a great opportunity for me. I'm an avid comedian, dancer, love camping, self taught vet, shit talker, go to girl, funny, outgoing, spontaneous, annoying, loving, caring, fighter, etc.... I love being a mother, wife, and business owner, which of course are my main focus and priority! I love life and all it has to offer.. Nothing is possible without GOD, believing in yourself, and having awesome family & friends who support you!!! A huge thank you to our Sick Made Tattoo Parlor family and all our clients who continue to support and refer us to awesome people. Our walk-ins who keep us busy and give us the opportunity to create awesome one of a kind art & ink.

Thank you,
Melissa Palomino